Maren Parsons

She is the girl I had a crush on for forever. She was sweet and kind and beautiful and I never managed to get anything going, but she is among my best friends and always will be. She is someone who the world doesn't even deserve. Seriously. I love her like only a close friend could. We have spent days speaking to each other. It's her birthday today. Happy birthday. Anziano Duclos is pulling for you.


Carley Sturgis

Her awesome will blow the classical music out your butt. She is seriously one of the best people you'll ever meet. I am grateful that Car Crash Carley and I became friends because she has helped me remember who is in charge of my destiny: God and me, but mostly God. I love you, Carley. Thank you for all you've done for me. See you in a year, my good friend.




Final post

Hey. You remember me. You love me. I haven't been blogging too long, but in less than twelve hours, I won't be able to blog again for two years.

I want you to know something right now. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church on the earth. This is a fact, which means it's non-negotiable. That is how it is. Fact. I have a testimony, otherwise I wouldn't be leaving everyone I have ever loved to go to a place that won't be too receptive of non-Catholic missionaries. It's not the most enticing thing, but because of my testimony, I am not scared to go. I am excited. I am ready. I want to be mocked and spit upon and see the spirit work in someone's life to the point where they are changed forever. I seriously can't wait.

My last word of advice: Don't spend your life looking forward to a day. For 138 days I looked toward tomorrow that I didn't even realize that Trevor and I couldn't spend these two years together. It's like we were two patients in a waiting room. We made it, but now we have to say goodbye. I wish I had lived more for this time in my life. I should've lived to a point where I didn't have time to say it was taking forever. Don't waste your time waiting for time to end. Now here are a couple of W.R. Duclos original one-liners.

"Faith without works is fake."

"If you have faith, God won't let anyone mess up your future, especially you."

"Sometimes what we want will get in the way of what we've worked for. Don't do that."

"[High school] seems hard when you start out. It's the biggest struggle you've yet to face. And it seems hard, looking back. Like you could never do it again. But in it, in the very moment, it isn't that hard. Among the tests and projects, there are moments we never want to let go of. That's what makes high school so remarkable. It sucks, but you love it more than anything."

"...If you ever wonder, Am I good enough?, just remember, He knows you are and no one else can even compare."

"I live my life in a way so that there are two undeniable facts: I am a total nerd and I am too 'cool' to really be a nerd. Those are the two ways people describe me. It's not a big deal though. I like making people wonder."

"The atonement has got you covered. Don't fight it, embrace it."

The world is hard enough without you trying to hurt those you love."

"You are everything to God, so don't think for a second that you deserve anything less than His eternal goodness."

“And to Thee, My God, the Fame”
By Wyatt Duclos

I sat in heaven,
 With my friends and family,
Dreaming of a perfect life,
And an immortal body.

We pled with the Father,
Asked, “Please let us go,
To Earth to live,
To love and to grow.”

There sat our Father,
The Master of my soul,
He spake softly and said,
“One must pay the toll.”

Saddened and scared,
Too meek to volunteer,
I sat and watched our brother stand,
Loving and sincere.

“A sacrifice to be made,”
The Father sighed in pain.
“It is my lot,” the Son replied,
“And to Thee, my God, the fame.”

Christ, our Lord,
Suffered and died.
He did it not for money,
Or for adoring fans,
He did it for love,
For you and for me.
The Savior of All?
He made us free.

I love the gospel. I love you. Christ is always the answer. Live to please Him. I know that's what I do. See you in two.


The beginning of the end

Today is my farewell. I have looked forward to this day for 2/3 of my life (and the important two thirds, not the third I can't remember). It doesn't seem real. Honestly, I have never felt so nervous. Not because literally everyone in the world will be at my talk (yes, literally all 7 billion people), but because I want this day to live up to my expectations. It's going to be great. Scary as heck, but great.